Stride Gum.


I remember the first time I had Stride. It was sweet… exciting. It wasn’t like any other gum I’d had before. Before Stride, I was very used to those bland brands that run out of flavor after five minutes. Something about it was very different. The smell was so delicious. Maybe even a little intoxicating. It followed me everywhere I went. Sometimes I could swear that it was around when I didn’t have any on me. For a while, I obsessed over this gum. Only having this specific brand. I wasn’t interested in any other type whatsoever. Why would I be? I found my perfect pack of gum. Why would I look for anything better?

But like everything, perfection only lasts so long. I soon started realizing there were so many things I disliked about the gum. Routine kind of gets old. Having the same gum every day… eventually you’ll get sick of it. I recently tried to have this gum again and well, let’s just say that Stride and I are old news. Those first moments — those amazing, little moments — I cherish them. It turns into a craving. Mm… Cravings. Aren’t those the best? It always seems like it’ll never go away but… like everything…

I’ll never forget the first time I had Stride and I’m so lucky to have had it. Even if it was just for a little while.

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