The Fear of 13


I am a huge fan of murder documentaries for some odd reason and the fact that this documentary had my favorite number in the title… I couldn’t resist.

I saw this amazing documentary directed by David Sington the other day called, “The Fear of 13”. David Sington

It’s about a convicted murderer named Nick Yarris who has been on death row for over two decades and finally decides to ask for an execution. Like any documentary, you get details on his life, find out why he’s on death row, and also why he wants an early execution. Even though the basis is just the same as the rest, the storytelling, however, is not.

Remember those storybooks that our parents used to read to us before bed? The ones with the sound effect words and stuff? That’s how this documentary is told. It’s an immersive story complete with visuals and sound effects. I know that sounds weird but the way it’s shown is perfect. I felt like I was in his shoes experiencing what he was experiencing. I could imagine being in his position — in his mind.

I believe that anyone who wants to make a documentary should definitely watch this film and analyze the cinematography (Clive North), editing (Robert J. Sternberg), storytelling, and the interview set-up itself. I don’t know… Either he’s just a really intruiging person or the film made him seem that way.
Anyway, I don’t want to give away the ending but… It has a marvelous ending.

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