Dead Poets Society


Musicians are poets, right?

Just last week, Tre and I finally decided to do a photo shoot that we had been planning for months: Becoming John Lennon and Bob Dylan by way of style. We wanted to give ourselves a little time to gather the perfect pieces in order to portray our favorite musical icons impeccably.

And yeah, whatever. I know Bob Dylan is not dead. But John Lennon is.

The point of the photoshoot was to challenge ourselves by using articles of clothing that we already own and styling them to look like our favorite music icons. For Tre, dressing like Bob Dylan was no difficult task — she already takes inspiration from his style! But for me, the only thing I had that was an obvious Lennon piece was my round sunglasses. I mean, I specifically bought them a year ago because I had been looking for those amazing shades for ever. I was definitely challenged in matching up to his carefree, yet flawless style.

We each had to choose four separate outfits that these inspiration icons wore during their glory days. Here is a sneak peek of one of my outfits:


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