Netflix Original: The Get Down (32/32)


I am currently watching The Get Down. It’s a time period piece about the tough life in the South Bronx during the 70s. The show focuses on the lives of Zeke, Shaolin, Mylene and their friends and how each of them have a dream they want to achieve.  What I love about this show so far is that I can ask my mom about her experiences back in the day and compare the similarities in the show. For example, Grandmaster Flash is a prominent character in the show. After seeing him DJ at an underground party, I ended up asking my mom if she had ever attended one. 

“All the time”, she said. She even noted that she had seen “all” the DJs from the South Bronx live. I personally think this is so cool! The show already makes me feel like I’ve gone back in time. My moms accounts of the same events are so interesting. 

I’m only on the fifth episode so far but these are amazing episodes. I’m interested to find out what will happen. I’m very impressed with Netflix. I’ll do an update when I’m further along in the show.

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