Cut! (31/32)


I want… to cut… my hair.

It seems like it’s time to cut it off now that it’s summer and blazing hot every day. Not only that, but my favorite icons have short hair — Audrey Hepburn, Edie Sedwick, Emma Watson…

I worry that if I cut my hair, it won’t look the way I want. I have naturally curly/wavy hair so it tends to frizz and go crazy. My friends and family lovingly call me a lion. So, therefore, my problem is that I want to cut it all off but the last thing I want is to have an Afro or something weird. But I can’t stop thinking about how amazing my hair could be if it was short. And I mean really short. Like a pixie cut. It would be the shortest I’ve ever cut it…

This whole thing started at the wig store. I was with Tre, of course, and we needed to pick out some wigs for a new project we’re working on. After trying on terrible wig after terrible wig, I finally found a pixie cut gem. I mean… It’s kind of a gem. It’s dark purple so that’s the only thing I absolutely hate. Other than that, it looks so good!

I just feel like I need this haircut. I look so plain Jane without it…

I’m not sure what to do.

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