The Number 23 (29/32)


That’s the math problem I stopped on. This is my last semester before I get my degree so I’ll need to keep my grades up. I’m sort of having trouble right now because math is my worst subject… I’ve already got a tutor.

For the last 4 hours or so, I’ve been studying like crazy so that I’m ready for school in the morning. If I didn’t have David, I wouldn’t pass at all. Does anyone else have these problems or is it just me? My main problem is that I work too fast and miss small details (like adding the negative sign to a number). He’s pretty much my proofreader and savior, for the most part. I actually had to redo the first half of my homework because I forgot all those minor details. How frustrating… I almost didn’t get to post today.

That would have sucked. Just like math…

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