How To Wear Horizontal Stripes


Yes. Yes to all of it. Read up.

treasa nuala

Personally I have never shied away from any type of stripe. Being a huge fan of neutral pallets and nautical inspired, stripes have always been something I gravitate towards.

However, I understand some peoples concerns with horizontal stripes and how they draw your eye across the body emphasizing width. Yet I do not believe we should let these widely discussed ideas govern how we dress BECAUSE who is to say that these types of broad ideas are going to hold true to you or me personally. Even if you are curvy, apple shaped or heavier than you wish you were stripes may still suit you. They may match your personality or ascetic. So please give yourself a chance, ignore the “rules” and try the things you like on.

I work with women all the time that love what they see but don’t think they have the body to pull it off. Low and behold…

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