The Cube (27/32)


For the past 5 hours, I have been tearing my hair out over my bedroom. I’ve decided to remodel. Regardless of the fact that I absolutely hate my room and I want to rip everything out except for my mattress, I have to thoroughly plan out what I want. Ever since I found my projector, that’s all I’ve been using. I don’t really like to use my TV anymore because it’s so small compared to the projection. This was the inspiration for my redecoration. I realized recently that I only use my TV for light while I’m sleeping. Then I thought, “Why not move the projector to the room?” Well, my room is really tiny with the way it’s set up. So then I contemplated some more… And this was the result.


First, I drew the way my


Please ignore my terrible excuse of a drawing…

room is now. It seems pretty basic but in reality, it’s really cluttered and awful. My boyfriend and I are trying to make do with the amount of space we have… It’s not really working. The room is a huge mess and we’re both having trouble thinking in there. It’s very hard to keep it clean at the moment and isn’t really functional.



Now that I was able to roughly imagine what my room would look like, I could start planning. What I need in this room is functionality and comfort. I actually have a long list of things to buy in order to make the “perfect” room for me and my beau.

Buy a record player.

David and I have been dying to get a record player. We used to have one but it’s age caught up with it. Sadly….

New bed frame.

I can’t even begin to tell you the extent of how terrible our bed frame is… It has broken multiple times by us just sitting on it. We just need a new one and that’s that.

Get a Coffee Table.

I blame Tre for this one. I absolutely love that she has a coffee table big enough for her to work on. I love sitting on the floor to work so I don’t know why I never thought of this before… This will be my study area.

Invest in Mac & Desk with chair

My boyfriend is a musician and I need to edit my videos so it’s imperative that we get a desk. It’s been hell trying to use our crappy laptops for our work. We’re going to invest in a Mac and some more editing equipment so we’ll definitely need it.


There are going to be four shelves. The top for the projector, two middle shelves for game console and DVD player, and the bottom shelf will be used as an end table.

Blackout curtains

This is an obvious one. If we’re going to have a projector, we’re going to need blackout curtains to block out sun during the day. I would love thick velvet… We only have one window so it shouldn’t be too expensive… Hopefully.


First concept

So here is what I came up with. I flipped the bed and added all the stuff from my checklist. My desk is right next to my bed, the coffee table is over by the entry, and then the fridge and record player are against the wall at the foot of the bed. This was what I first came up with… I ended up changing a couple of things.


Second concept

In the next picture, I tried to put it at a different angle. So instead of having the shelving above my bed (what was I thinking?!), I put the shelves in between the bed and the desk. I switched the coffee and the record player/mini fridge. Therefore, the coffee table is against the wall and the record player/mini fridge are more accessible.

I’m loving this room so far…

I’ll keep working so…

Hopefully I’ll have some actual photos of the room soon!

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