Ghost (25/32)



Part One

The Ghost appeared every time I would leave my house. He is this dark figure that basically just looks like a shadow, but he is very obviously a being of some sort. I would see him down the street, in the reflections around me, or sometimes right in front of my face. And every time he was nearby, I would always feel the same symptoms: headache, chills, sweat, blurred vision. I felt like I might go crazy… Or maybe I already am.
Ignoring my better judgement, I went on a date one day with this amazing guy. We’ll call him… Michael. It was a regular day like today — very sunny, clear skies, beautiful weather. We decided to take a stroll around town to get to know each other. We must’ve circled around the entire city because by the time we were done, the sun was already starting to set. I had completely forgotten about the ghost by that time. He hadn’t appeared all day. We took a cab back to where we had started. I was really tired and wanted to go home, but I was having such a good time. Michael convinced me to have dinner with him. He was so sweet and perfect… How could I have said no? But I wish I would have just called it a day… Why didn’t I just go home…

Michael had taken me to this elegant restaurant that I was completely under-dressed for. There was candlelight, waiters in tuxedos, and $100 bottles of wine — but he insisted. I guess he knew the owner or something because even though there was a seemingly infinite waiting list, we had this private booth toward the back. Very secluded and romantic. He was obviously flexing, but I didn’t care. It was amazing. Once we were seated, I had no idea which entree I should choose. Most of it was in French and I could barely make out what each thing was. Without much thought, I ended just choosing something random and hoped it wasn’t sub-par. It wasn’t long before I was brought my food. The waiter asked if we needed anything else. It looked perfect and we already had drinks so we told him that we didn’t. But the waiter just stood there… Staring at me… After a moment, he slowly walked away and behind him was the most terrifying sight I’d ever seen… And to this day, it gives me nightmares.

–to be continued–

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