Crimes of Fashion (23/32)


I’ve always dreamt about living in New York. Not just NYC, either. I’ve also wanted to have a beach house in Montauk. Just the thought of living in that state makes me so happy for some reason. I guess it’s because I’ve always hated living where I am now.

Isn’t that the case with most people, though — hating ourselves and wishing we were different? It’s inevitable. We’re born into it, really. The world doesn’t really help with that, either. We’re trained to think that “Less is more”, which I completely agree with. But this is obviously a confused phrase, originally meaning showing less skin is more. With the world being as it is, the phrase is being twisted as wearing less clothing is more. I understand, to some extent, why people would want to show off their “goodies”. It’s a way of getting noticed. But is it really necessary? Should we allow celebrities and media tell us that sexiness is shown with skin? I’ve been raised to think that mystery is the sexiest thing. Allowing the mind to run wild with imagination can do wonderous things…

Maybe we should all give that a try.

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