Sausage Party (21/32)


Sausage Party is an R-rated adult animation and for good reason.

Going into this movie, I wasn’t sure what to think. All I knew was that it was not intended for children. It was released yesterday in theaters. It stars Seth Rogan, Michael Cera, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, and well… Seth Rogan’s usual crew. The movie started off as a small idea with Seth Rogan asking, “What if our food had feelings?” Many people rejected the idea, but here it is. And it’s absolutely hilarious. img_0212

The film is about a hot dog sausage named Frank and his adventure to find out if life outside of the market is really as amazing as everyone thinks. The rest of the groceries in the store cherish the “Great Beyond”, even singing and dancing every morning to make themselves more appealing to shoppers. Meanwhile, Frank is just excited about finally getting out of his package and having sex with his girlfriend, Brenda Bunson the Hotdog bun. One day, one of the jars of Honey Mustard is returned by a customer. Upon returning to his home shelf, he claims that the “Great Beyond” doesn’t exist and all they know is a lie. Frank, Brenda, and many other products are “chosen” to leave to the Great Beyond — including Honey Mustard. Before jumping to his death, Honey Mustard warns Frank about his experience after being bought, causing Frank to question everything. Unable to get what Honey Mustard told him out of his mind, Frank goes on a journey to find out the truth. He speaks with the “non-perishables” and they confirm: their “Gods” — meaning us — are murderous monsters who eat their children, their friends, and eventually them. Frank is then challenged to find a way to convince the rest of the supermarket that they will eventually be killed if they don’t stop themselves from being bought.


Filled with profanity, crude humor, and sex, this movie definitely has Seth Rogan written all over it (in a good way). Although, if I had taken my kid to see this movie, I would feel like an idiot. I can’t believe I went to see it opening weekend and had a good time. It’s always the worst time to go at the theater I live by because everyone acts like wild animals. But this time, every single person in there just wanted to enjoy the movie. I was very surprised at how “adult” everyone was being. I guess it’s because most people in there were over 17. Except these two middle schoolers who snuck in — I’m proud of them for behaving appropriately.

The most amazing part about the whole movie is that it knows it’s so stupid but in the best way. There are endless food jokes that just made me die in my seat every time. There’s a part in the film where one of the characters says things like, “Kay, so…” And then one Spanish cheese dip comes in and says, “Queso?” And there are jokes like that throughout the film. It may be stupid, but I freaking love it.

I honestly couldn’t get enough of this film. When it comes out on DVD I will definitely be buying it. So. Freaking. Funny. But absolutely not for the faint of heart — there is a lot of sex and a lot of vulgarity. I hope there is a sequel.


Overall Score:

I guess this rating is sorta biased because I’m so immature when it comes to humor in a movie. And I love most movies with Seth Rogan and his gang in it. And I love animation. So this movie is 5 stars for me because it’s perfect for me in almost every way. Except the sex stuff. It makes me feel very uncomfortable but I have learned to deal with it in Seth Rogan’s movies.

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