Goodwill Hunting (20/32)


What can I say about Goodwill Hunting? Well, for starters…

It’s not the movie. It’s a TreMora fashion project. We buy a bunch of things from Goodwill and then we redesign them into a Ready-to-Wear collection. Once we’re done making the pieces, we’re going to sell them online. We planned on having it done a few months ago but It’s taking us a lot longer to create everything than we originally thought. We have a lot of pieces and even more ambition. Each item has to be perfect.

Here are two sneak peeks for our upcoming re-imagined collection, “Goodwill Hunting”!green

First, we have our 1940s-inspired Allie coat. It reaches the mid-calf and will have three buttons to keep the top closed. We fell in love with this item the first moment we saw it. Of course, it didn’t look like the picture. It was this giant, bulky, disgusting jacket… but we saw so much potential. So we bought it and started transforming it and now… It’s so amazing. It took us a while to figure out how we were going to turn this weird piece of clothing into magic… This isn’t even a recent picture and most of it is cropped out. Sorry, but this is only a sneak peek.



Next, we have our Allie jumpsuit! This one also took a lot of thought. It was this really awkward floor-length dress, buttons going all the way down. Immediately, we thought: jumpsuit. But how would we make this a jumpsuit that people would wear? Well, we sat in silence for a while, just staring off at this article of clothing. Blank sheet of paper, pencils in hand, heads tilted. Then Tre thought, “What if we did this?” And suddenly, we were both just tugging at the dress, molding it into something new. We must’ve had a million pins in that thing. And we’re still not done with it. We’ve come up with more ideas for the jumpsuit since this picture was taken. We’ll draw it out this time and see where our imagination takes us.


We have so many styles that we haven’t even begun to touch yet. I can’t wait until our collection is out. We’re both so excited! If you want to see more, check out our preview on YouTube! Don’t forget to subscribe!


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