Top 5 Indie Drama Films Streaming on Netflix! (19/32)


This is my top 5! I have seen these movies so many times by now that I would be so devastated if Netflix took them off streaming. They’re all so good!!

1. Keithkeith_xlg

As I’ve already discussed in a previous post, I would recommend this film to anyone who loves romance. This movie hits all of my favorite elements in romantic drama: internal conflict, friendship to romance, and fate. I feel like story is told really well and the modesty of this film makes me love it even more. The film follows Natalie, a determined high school student who maintains good grades and strives toward a prestigious college after graduation. Everything in her life seems to be going exactly as she and her parents planned. But once she is partnered with Keith in her science class, he gradually becomes an obstacle in her perfect life. She inevitably struggles with conflicts regarding social status in school, their unconventional friendship, and ultimately, her future. Keith is a free spirit who lives in the now, while Natalie is the complete opposite and can’t stop thinking about her future. Keith is able to open her eyes, but in doing so, causes the downfall of Natalie’s persona.

2. 6 Years6_Years_poster.jpg

This movie is really heartbreaking. I’ve been with my boyfriend for over 5 years and I hate to watch this movie because it always freaks me out about my own relationship. It makes me think, “Will we be like that in 6 years?” I doubt it. Anyway, so this movie is about this couple who has been together for… well, 6 years. They are still completely in love and have the kind of relationship that people are jealous of. But this film isn’t about their happiness. It’s about their downfall. Throughout the film, they are faced with many different challenges and we, the audience, get to see if they will make it through all that… or not. It’s a pretty sad movie when I think about it because in the beginning, it looks like their happy-go-lucky. But, of course, life happens and not everything stays the same.

Before_We_Go_Poster.jpg3. Before We Go

Before We Go is about a girl named Brooke who misses her train and, with the help of Nick, a guy who just-so-happened to be around, tries to find a way to get home before the sun rises. These two strangers roam around New York looking for solutions and getting themselves into trouble. As they venture deeper into the city, Nick starts to learn more about why Brooke has to be home before morning, and Brooke learns more about Nick’s life and what led him to be playing his trumpet at the train station. The more they learn about each other, the more intense the night gets between them.

4. LOLLOL_Poster.jpg

The French version. Not the American one with Miley Cyrus… blech. Okay, so this movie has inspired many of my own stories. It’s romantic, dramatic, but really adorable at the same time. LOL is about this teenage girl named Lola who experiences first heartbreak and first love almost simultaneously. Only, the heartbreak is from her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her; and the first love, is with her and her ex-boyfriend’s best friend Maell. Meanwhile, her recently divorced mother is trying to figure out how to handle her growing daughter and her bouts of rebelliousness.

In_Your_Eyes_Tribeca_poster.jpg5. In Your Eyes

This is definitely one of my favorites. It’s written by Joss Whedon and just like many of his other films, it will inspire me indefinitely. I really wish I had written and directed this film… In Your Eyes just feels so original and unique. Each and every time I watch it, I feel like it’s the first time. This romance just knows how to give you butterflies. It follows the stories of Rebecca and Dylan, opposite people who live in opposite places. They meet through each other’s eyes — literally. They have experience this weird phenomenon where they can see what the other person sees. Sight is not the only thing they can share between each other. They can feel, hear, touch, and taste what the other can. This romance is like no other. It establishes the ultimate connection — something that a lot of people struggle with.

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