Stuck in Love (17/32)


Such a cute movie… Small spoilers ahead!

I thought this film was really good and heartfelt. It’s about this family of writers and how each of them handle being in love. The father, Will (Greg Kinnear), is still madly in love with his ex-wife and occasionally stalks her and her new boyfriend. Will’s son, Rusty (Nat Wolff), falls in love for the first time with a girl he barely knows. Meanwhile, Sam (Lily Collins), Will’s daughter, has just gotten her book published and she, too, finds someone special. It’s really cute and romantic.rustykate.png The most interesting couple in the movie, in my opinion, has to be Rusty and Kate. Rusty’s love story is a very cliche one: falling in love with the popular, pretty girl at school. Except this one has a slight twist — she’s hooked on cocaine. After she gets into an argument with her then-boyfriend, her attempt to leave leads to her boyfriend shoving her to the ground. Rusty, in a bout of anger, decides to punch him to the ground. Rusty takes Kate back to his place and thus begins the romance. She hopes that because he’s sweet and “good” for her, that he will be able to fix her coke addiction. Kinda sounds really effed up when it’s put into words like that… Anyway, they have a very cute and happy relationship — definitely one to be envious of — samandlou.jpgbut, of course, every relationship has its issues and this one is no exception.

The other amazing couple that is prominent in the film is Sam and Lou. They are the cutest in the movie because, at first, Sam is completely rude and straightforward with Lou, telling him that there’s no way that she would date him — a “sweet” guy. She sort of embarrasses him and puts him on the spot, but that doesn’t stop him from hitting on and flirting with her. He ends up making her go on a date with him and she slowly starts to realize that they are perfect for each other — much to her dismay. It’s really cute, though, and she really got herself a nice guy. Not only is he really good for her, he is a writer too and loves to read. So he fits perfectly in her family. It’s a win-win.



Overall Score


I really liked Stuck in Love. It’s a super cute movie that I was able to relate to. For one, I, too, am a writer. I mean, I don’t get published or anything like that, but I do love to write and stuff… so that was cool. Two, there is so much romance. Not steamy stuff or anything like that. But the romance that makes you wish that that happened to you. The “aw… that’s so cute…” kind of thing. And three, I really liked all of the actors in it. They’re mostly well-known, so that was really nice. I’m kind of a sucker for movies that have a lot of famous actors in them. I feel like it’s a phenomenon or something…

Anyway, super cute! Watch it! It’s good and it’s streaming on Netflix!

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