Adore (16/32)


Adore is a classic tale of forbidden love — except this one is about two best girl friends who fall in love with each other’s sons. I’ll be reviewing in this post so watch out for spoilers!Roz (Robin Wright) and Lil (Naomi Watts) are childhood best friends who have lived in the same town together since before they knew each other. When they got older, both of them had sons (Tom and Ian) around the same time. Just as the women grew up together, their boys grow up together.


In the beginning, we are able to see how close this family is. After losing his father, Ian only has his mother, Tom, and Roz left. They are his only family and they are all each other needs. As the story progresses, we can see that the boys have developed the same love for the beach as their mothers have — both are surfers and swim every day. In one scene, Roz and Lil lay on the beach, staring at their “godly” sons, with Roz asking Lil in awe, “Did we do that?” At this point, there is nothing going on between the mothers and each other’s sons besides subtle flirtations and sweet nothings. I knew that something steamy was supposed to happen soon, but I was actually pretty happy with the slice-of-life the film was giving me at that moment. It’s very soon after all the normalcy, though, when the real action starts.8_wide-fc0884e26a6b9f3b3d92aea9d56c1f99212bc0c5-s900-c85 The first intimate moment we experience is between Roz and Ian. At first, they simply share a cigarette while laying out in their favorite free-floating dock. But this soon turns into a heated make-out session in the hallway of Roz and Tom’s home. Did I mention that Roz was married? Yeah… That too. Her husband is off in Sydney working hard at whatever job he works, while she is sleeping with her best friend’s 18 year old son. I mean, this movie is dramatic, steamy, and awesome but man… why does she have to cheat too? Anyway…960
After seeing walking in on his mother shamefully walking out, Tom decides to go and score some of his own. I feel like the only reason why he started sleeping with Lil was to get back as his mom and best friend. I hate it because as the story progresses, the audience realizes that Roz and Ian actually care about each other and meanwhile, Tom is treating Lil as his f-buddy. It upsets me. So anyway, Tom and Lil start to see each other. Roz finds out, of course, and decides that it would be best if both of them stopped seeing each other’s sons because… well, “it’s wrong”. Roz’s words (or was it Lil?), not mine. But, obviously we wouldn’t have a movie if it was that simple. Both ladies keep seeing their guys. They end up having a lot of issues because while the women are getting older and have lived their lives, they are finding out that it’s time for their sons to do the same. For Lil and Tom, it becomes a much bigger issue and they have to learn how to deal with it. For Roz and Ian, however, it’s a completely different matter…


Overall Score:*


I think it’s a must-see for people who like dramatic movies that can make you mad and tingly at the same time. But definitely avoid it if the age difference bothers you. It’s really cute at some points, but it’s also sad. This movie definitely isn’t for everyone and I feel like most people would find it weird and unsettling. I mean, besides the fact that it’s two mothers (best friends, mind you) dating each other’s sons, these two ladies are completely fine with it and even reassure each other about their relationships. They even find it funny that both of them are doing the same thing. That was the most disturbing part, in my opinion. But I really like this movie, anyway.


* The “overall score” is based on what I would rate the movie as a whole — not based on specifics within the movie or anything like that.

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