Top 8 Horror Films Streaming on Netflix! (15/32)


I absolutely hate browsing through Netflix looking for a good horror film. Over the years, I was able to find a couple really good ones!

Honestly, there used to be a very long list of horror flicks that I would watch every Halloween, but sadly, those have been removed. Here are the very few that remained and keep in mind that these are just the general horror films — no specific subgenre.

Anyway, let’s get started!

8. Hushhush

Hush is pretty much your general slasher story — except imagine being completely deaf and not knowing that there is someone trying to kill you. What I find scariest about this film is that it can really happen. I mean, in general, slashers CAN and DO happen. But this woman is deaf and lives alone. That just adds to the scariness because I felt even more scared for her and the dramatic irony is really intense in this movie.


7. Scream 2scream-2-545eadef03854

Not as good as the original, but still made me watch it from under my blanket. Scream 2 is one sequel that I would actually watch over and over. I was watching it the other day and had to stop because my housemates were leaving and I would have been alone in the house (no pun intended). This time, the copycat killers are obsessed with creating a real-life sequel to the original events in Woodsboro years before.


6. The Taking of Deborah LoganThe_Taking_of_Deborah_Logan

I did not expect this movie to be good. The Taking of Deborah Logan is a supernatural horror flick about this woman with Alzheimer’s. A documentary crew decides to go film her deterioration as a research project (I assume). As her memory continually decays, she starts acting really freaking creepy — freaking out everyone in the house, including her daughter. Seriously, the weird things she does is… just… terrifying.


5. The Den


The Den is a found-footage movie that follows Elizabeth, a woman who is researching the ways of webcamming. She ends up witnessing a murder while webcamming and suddenly becomes the next target. This is a really good find — it was actually recommended to me by a friend. I think that it’s just one of those movies that should be watched at least once.


4. Hellraiser


Definitely a classic. Hellraiser kept me scared simply because of the creepiness factor. It doesn’t really look realistic, but it’s just so freaky. Imagine you found a mysterious Rubik’s Cube-like box of Hell and once you solved it, a group of terrifying people came to tell you that they will rip your soul apart. It has definitely made me want to avoid Rubik’s Cubes for the rest of my life.


3. Dead Silence


Do you like dolls? I certainly don’t. This is not just any doll, though. This is a really creepy ventriloquist dummy that kills people. It gives me shivers just thinking about it. A couple mysteriously receives this bundle of murder at their front doorstep — no note, no sender address, just the doll… in a creepy box. They don’t think anything of it. Until it starts terrorizing them. Ever get that creepy feeling that someone — or something — is watching you?


2. Oculusoculus

This movie is about a mirror that tries to kill you, essentially. The two main characters, Kaylie and Tim, try to get over the death of their parents from when they were kids. Something about their “family” mirror just doesn’t sit right with Kaylie, and she begins to investigate. With the help of her brother, they are able to find out that everything is not quite what it seems.

1. The Babadookbabadook

In my opinion, this is the scariest movie streaming on Netflix right now. Not only is it completely unsettling with the family’s issues, the actual storybook of the Babadook is truly disturbing. The film follows Amelia and her son, Samuel, as they struggle in their daily lives. Sam is obsessed with magic and monsters, much to the dismay of his mother. One night, before bedtime, a strange book titled, “The Babadook” appears. Strange things start to happen, terrifying them both. Samuel is hell-bent on protecting his family from the monster in the book and all Amelia wants is some sleep.


Those are my top 8 that are streaming on Netflix at the moment! If you have any suggestions or see any movies that aren’t listed, feel free to comment below!

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