Confessions of a Shopaholic (14/32)


Hi, I’m Mora and I’m a shopaholic.


It all started when I got a job in retail. I completely fell in love with the store’s collection for that season. It was winter. It was beautiful. I remember there being this black-sequined tuxedo dress. It felt very heavy and expensive…. and I loved it.

Once I started working in said retail store, all of my co-workers would say to me, “You’re going to end up giving [the store] their money back with all the shopping you’ll be doing”. I only half-way believed them. I thought, “Yeah, sure, I’ll be shopping occasionally. I won’t go crazy, though.” I was very wrong. Very wrong, indeed. I bought clothes every time I got a paycheck, which was every week. And it wasn’t just one item, either. I’d practically buy a whole new wardrobe. Every. Single. Week.

Now, mind you, I got a pretty good discount. I worked in an expensive and quality store, but I was paying for H&M or Forever 21 prices. But this sparked my addiction. Suddenly, I felt like I couldn’t go without buying something. I felt shopping withdrawal, telling myself that I had gone too long without purchasing something new. When I first started, I felt this way even more because I needed clothes from that store specifically. I even goaled myself at filling my closet from end-to-end. This was only the beginning.

I'M A SHOPAHOLIC AND CAN'T STOP SPENDINGAround the time of my 21st birthday, I was planning a trip to New York for a week. I was really tight on money because I needed to save up in order be able to do whatever I wanted for my birthday. I was in a bind because I also didn’t have warm enough clothes for the city. It was supposed to be sweater weather and all I had were shorts and sandals. And so I made the decision of opening up a store credit card. Big mistake. I went to New York and completely splurged on clothes! I even considered sending the clothes back home so that I could keep shopping! (I didn’t end up doing that because I realized it was a pretty ridiculous notion, but still!)
I came back home, got my statement, and cried. Almost $1000 spent on clothes. I was working a part time, near minimum wage job, and I owed about $1000. I didn’t know what I was going to do and ended up having to beg my parents for their help. Of course, they told me that they would not help me if the situation happened again.


It was then that I promised to change my ways. There are items in my closet from back then that have never been worn and still have the tags on them. I could remember buying the item and convincing myself to buy it. “You don’t have any yellow in your closet,” I said to myself. Psh… Moron.

I think back to that time and want to punch myself because I could have put so much money away for college or maybe saved up and gone on a trip or something. But most of the clothes from that time have either gone to charity or is sitting in storage. What a waste of money. But on the bright side, since I still have that credit card, I shop a bit and then pay it off right away so it’s helping with my awful credit score. Yay! Lessons!

And these are my



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