Teenage Dirtbag (13/32)


I freaking love this film!!!

Here’s another really good indie film. It was directed by Regina Crosby and stars Scott Michael Foster (Greek). I didn’t know what to expect from this movie. I honestly thought I might hate it because it’s such an obvious low-budget film and I thought it would have a stupid plot and all that. I was dead wrong. This movie is so amazing on so many levels. Teenage Dirtbag is really emotional and beautiful. It doesn’t have a “Hollywood” theme to it. It’s just life.

So the movie follows Amber, a woman telling her story of when she was a prissy, popular cheerleader and how she met Thayer Mangeris. The relationship between Thayer and Amber is intense, as Thayer continually harasses Amber. They end up sitting next to each other in study group and eventually become friends — if that’s what I should even call it. Amber learns a lot about Thayer, and he learns about her, when they start passing a composition notebook back and forth writing notes to each other. This notebook seems to be the only thing we don’t know about them — the notes aren’t completely shown in the movie. It’s more-so up for interpretation. As their relationship develops, there is so much intensity without actually physical contact (aka sex). Teenage Dirtbag is completely reliant on feelings alone — the feelings of the characters and the audience. I can honestly say that this is another one of my favorite movies. I wish I owned it.

Sorry the post is so short. I just don’t want to spoil anything.



Teenage Dirtbag doesn’t seem like much at first, but once the movie is finished, I missed the movie. I wanted it to keep going forever so I could find out more about the story. I’ve seen this movie so many times and everyone I recommended it to has loved it.


The movie has an interesting way of showing the relationship between Amber and Thayer. I haven’t seen another movie that has given me the same feeling that Teenage Dirtbag does. It feels so real sometimes — like we’re really watching their life.

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