Star Wars (8/32)


Considered a classic and regarded as one of the most epic movies of all time is Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. 

Everyone knows that the Star Wars franchise has done really well for itself, and continues to do so almost 40 years after the first film was made. The director, George Lucas, took a huge risk in making Star Wars back in 1977. Most people thought the project would fail because they couldn’t wrap their heads around how he would achieve all the effects that he wanted in the film. With hard work, persistence, and the help of his colleagues, he founded Industrial Light & Magic, thus creating the Visual Effects team. This was groundbreaking to filmmakers because it established a whole new creative industry. Star Wars captivates audiences with its innovating special effects and storytelling.

Star Wars really set the bar for future Sci-Fi films. Even beloved franchises like Star Trek and The Lord of the Ring have to compete simply because of the challenging beginning of this movie. The visual effects that George Lucas imagined in his film were unheard of in the 70s. Everyone was afraid to go near the production because they were afraid of failure. His budget was around $11 million — if you know anything about the expenses of filmmaking, you know that $11 million is chump change. Practically scraps. In comparison, Star Trek Beyond had a budget of $185 million, yet it still didn’t have quite the success as the fourth episode (which is the very first movie) in the Star Wars franchise. George Lucas stuck his neck out for this film and it really paid off. In the box office, the film made $460 million in just the U.S. alone. Meanwhile, overseas, it earned $314 million.

img_0189This was George Lucas’ dream movie, guys! Imagine you got to make your dream come to life and then it earns hundreds of millions of dollars in the box office! That is insane! Honestly, George Lucas is a MAJOR influence to me as far as filmmaking goes. I mean, he was turned down by so many people! And he still had confidence that he would be able to prove them all wrong. He had only been making movies for a decade. That’s really something! I really hope that, at the very least, I am just as successful as he was pretty much at the start of his career. Of course, now, he no longer owns the rights to Star Wars. He sold it to Disney for… Oh, just over $4 billion!

This guy is completely set for life and he has definitely lived, according to my standards.

Truth be told, I was so avoidant of watching Star Wars. I always thought that it was so lame that people loved the franchise SO much. I grew up practically hating Star Wars. I mean, costumes? Posters? Friends randomly saying to each other, “Luke, I am your father” (which is not even the right quote, by the way). I really thought it was dumb. But what I didn’t realize is how amazing that must feel to the writer and director of the film. I mean, it started off as a story that he made up and he just thought it was a brilliant idea. I don’t think anybody truly expects their film, story, song, or any work of art to cause so much craze in the fans. I’m sure George Lucas had some doubt in himself at some point, but he fought through it and made a work of art. A masterpiece. Not many people can do that. I can honestly say that when I finally watched the movie, I felt like an idiot because I had avoided it my entire life.

Now that I’ve seen the movie, I’m sad I missed out on so many jokes and childish activities… Go figure. And can I just say that I absolutely LOVE C-3PO and R2-D2?


These two complete the story, in my opinion. Star Wars just wouldn’t be the same without them.



The watchability is obvious. I’d watch this film over and over again just to see R2-D2 and C-3PO, who don’t even have major appearances.


Another no-brainer. I mean, the film has such an original concept of its time. No other movie could compare to Star Wars when it first came out. Now, it’s so good that filmmakers across the globe are mimicking the same techniques that George Lucas used.


If you haven’t seen any of the Star Wars movies, stop what you’re doing and go buy the DVD collection. And I mean it. BUY THE DVD. Don’t rent it because if you end up loving the franchise as much as I did (and as much as 99% of the world does), then you’ll probably want to watch it again. And again. And…again. And by franchise, I mean the first trilogy that came out before the 21st century. I have yet to see the next trilogy… But if it’s cheaper to buy the whole box set, then psh… More power to ya.

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