The Jacket (7/32)


Well, it’s not really a jacket… It’s a sweater. Details, details…

Anyway. On to the post.

The other day, Tre and I decided to hang out. We’d been behind on sewing for Goodwill Hunting and thought it was time to get back on track. On the way to the studio, we ended up seeing an old bridge that seemed to be out of use for quite a while. It seemed like the bridge used to be a white stone, but grayed with old age — as we all will. But nevertheless, it was an intriguing bridge so we decided to take some pictures that ended up showing my outfit of the day. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had bought a new sweater from Urban Outfitters. I also mentioned that it is my absolutely favorite sweater.


So this time, I paired this amazing sweater with a delicate navy floral dress from one of my favorite stores, Ann Taylor. I bought this dress about a year ago during the spring, and absolutely fell in love.

The dress comes with a matching belt. You could tie it in the front or wrap around and tie it in the back. I actually did neither — pulling the belt from the front without wrapping it. By doing this, I was able to show off my waist without letting everyone know that I was wearing a belt. It’s another tip that I learned from Tre.

Honestly, this photoshoot killed both Tre and I. It was probably 100 degrees out and I was still wearing a sweater…

I hadn’t planned on being outside…

The best part, though, was when I was photographing Tre. She always loves to climb random things and be photographed from way below. I can’t blame her. It makes her look like she 7 feet tall which we, unfortunately, are not. I’ve gotta hand it to her, though… Climbing those things are hard work.






That day was really fun, despite the heat. I can always expect to have fun with her — even when we don’t get any work done.



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