We’re on YouTube.


“Okay, so? Who isn’t on YouTube?” Am I right?

But hear me out.

When Tre and I met, we were both on two opposite sides of the same plane — she was trying to get her designs noticed, while I was about to give up on my dream of ever being in the film industry (or even the fashion industry, for that matter). She showed me her designs, (which I absolutely fell in love with) and I instantly had this massive wave of inspiration come over me. And thus, we became TreMora.

At first, we started planning photo shoots, video shoots, and just lookbooks in order to showcase her designs. My initial goal was to make her who she wanted to be — I was completely fine and happy with that. But as we started to talk more, I felt that it should be more than that. I wanted to fulfill my dream in the process of making hers come true.

Now we’re planning for so much more than just fashion. 

We’ve honestly got years of content planned already. I’m talking feature-length and short films alike, music videos, inspiration videos, mini series’, and the list goes on. Tre will be our costume designer for most of the videos we post and I will be behind the camera for pretty much all of it (although if I’m not filming, most likely she is).

It’s hard to believe that by just being friends, we’re already accomplishing more than I have in my whole life. For the first time, I know exactly what I want to do. I feel like I can do anything I want. I’ve never seen my life so clearly.

Until now.

Screenshot (1)ewmyface (1 of 1)manda (4 of 1)tre (1 of 1)

Click me to go to TreMora’s YouTube Channel!

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