Step one: Learn German.

Step two: Google universities in Germany.

Step three: Move to Germany.

I was in the middle of a conversation with my family about my dream of living in a 2nd floor walk-up in Chelsea –specifically one that is hidden away and is barely noticeable as an apartment building — when my brother chimed in about something completely out of the ordinary. “You should move to Germany,” he claims. My eyes widened, terribly confused. “What?” I asked. And again, he tells me I should move to Germany.


That may not be such a bad idea.

It turns out that Germany has begun to pay for international students to transfer over there to get a 4-8 year degree. And it honestly sounds way too good to be true. But maybe that’s because the U.S. has decided to raise tuition for college over the years to an incredible amount. Did you know that the debt for a college student has reached an all time high? Yeah…I didn’t. Not until now. It also doesn’t help that the school I want to go to has a tuition higher than any Ivy League. I planned on going to that school for as long as I could — seeing as it is really a great school for everything I want to accomplish (degree-wise, of course). Well, anyway… I am learning effing German.

Case closed.

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