My favorite photo. My favorite coffee. My favorite city. My favorite people.

It was the first time I’d ever been to New York. Or to a coffee shop. This particular one was a Starbucks in Wall Street that we happened to stumble upon. I was freezing cold, and even though I hated coffee,


The view from our hotel window.

I really wanted one to wake me up and warm my hands. I fell in love with the coffee that the barista had made from scratch because I told her that I didn’t really like coffee and that I love sweets. So she just mixed a bunch of stuff together, only added a half-cup of espresso, and loaded the thing with sugar. It was my favorite coffee in the world.


I sat on the bench with my dad as we both enjoyed our warm beverages. It was a relief to finally be out of the cold since we had been walking all over Manhattan all morning. While my dad and I just sat doing our own thing, my mom decided to pull out the camera. Thank goodness she did because the photo she took ended up being one of my favorite photos of all time.

So the reason why I love this photo so much is because it shows how fresh everything was to me at that moment. My first time in New York. My first time inside a Starbucks. My first delicious coffee. I had a lot of firsts that day. That was a great day. The best part overall was that it was a trip that we had been planning since I was a tot. My mom always promised to take me to Manhattan. We kept postponing it because of school, work, money, timing. Every excuse in the book. But finally, I graduated and as a present, my parents took me. It was an amazing trip and I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.


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